Add Twitter interactivity to your PowerPoint presentations

Creating a presentation of your product, service, idea or even your pet's new photos, you may want to have instant feedback from your customers, partners or friends. What is the best way to share your news and get a feedback today? Of course, it's a popular microblogging service - Twitter.
Timo Elliott of SAP Web 2.0 has developed free tools to let you integrate real time Twitter responses into PowerPoint presentations. All you need to add real Web 2.0 interactivity to your presentation is MS PowerPoint, Adobe Flash and free PowerPoint-Twitter tools by SAP Web 2.0.
So, what can you do with PowerPoint + Flash?

  • Insert Twitter Feedback Slide into a PowerPoint presentation. This slide enables you to search Twitter for any term and display results in real time. You can display Twitter feeds or custom feeds (select needed feed in Options). Feedback slide can be great when you make a presentation about service or product and want to show your audience what people say about it. Don't worry about inappropriate tweets which can spoil the presentation instead of making it cool! Simply create a free account at TidyTweet to easily filter out everything you don't need, automatically or manually.
  • Add Twitter Ticker Bar to every slide of your presentation. To make a feedback even more real-time, you can use Twitter ticker bar in the bottom of every slide instead of separate feedback slide. Insert a bar and enter search term to add creeping line with related twits to your every slide.
  • Real-time Twitter voting. Get votes from your audience and display them in a chart with Twitter voting. You can select pie chart or bar chart with 2 to 6 choices. The chart can display up to 100 votes.
  • As a variation, you can use Twitter Mood Meter. It can be inserted to every slide as well as ticker bar to show audience's mood in real time.

You can find and download these great Twitter-PowerPoint tools and much more at Timo Elliott's blog. Enjoy!

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