A4Desk 6.16 – Flash builder

The new version of professional flash builder software is released today. A4Desk is a flash builder for webmasters and anyone else which helps create flash websites, flash intros and flash presentations. Easy to use interface requires no coding knowledge and Flash experience.

A4Desk offers:

  • 184 website templates which make creation of flash site possible even for the most inexperienced users;
  • Ability to create or modify more than one web page at the same time;
  • A library of sample clipart SWF and image files;
  • Tab for HTML and Meta Tag Settings;
  • Ability to preview the site in a browser;
  • Option to load text from a text file;
  • 10 music loops for background music;
  • 6 Language interface.

Developer: A4Desk.com

Download link