Adobe Flash Player 10 now available

Adobe released the new version of its Flash Player. Flash Player 10 top new features:

  • Built-in support for 3D effects
  • Custom filters and effects
  • Advanced text support with flexible text layout engine
  • Enhanced sound APIs for dynamic sound generation
  • Enhanced drawing APIs
  • Enhanced file upload and download APIs
  • Enhanced hardware acceleration
  • New vector data type and more…

It's a great news for the Flash community, isn't it?

The main security point of Flash Player 10 is clickjacking security - vulnerabilities of the previous versions could give a hacker access to a user's webcam and microphone. That's why users of Flash Player 9 and earlier are strongly recommended to install Adobe Flash Player 10



Anonymous said...

Hey Helen, great news! Will upgrade my flash player later today.

Clerkendweller said...

Flash player security is one of talks at the OWASP's EU Summit 08 in Portugal, in two weeks time. Peleus Uhley from Adobe Systems will be providing training on:

Flash Player Security

Auditing Flash Applications