10 cute Valentine's Day Flash Games

Not to break the rules, after the selection of Christmas Flash games, I've made up a list of Valentine's Day Flash games. A little girlish, a little childish yet rather interesting and addictive games. So, let's play all these hearts, cupids and roses to create a romantic mood for tomorrow!

Love Arrow
Work as a Cupid and try to join two hearts with your love arrow. Good reaction is required.

Catch the Heart
Catch as many hearts as you can before time runs out. Easy and cute game.

Meet My Valentine
Find the differences between the pictures as you progress through a story. Difference game with great graphics.

Commuter Cupid
Help this cute little Cupid to hit everyone with his magic arrows so that everybody can be happy this day.

Trap My Heart

Use the roses and chocolates to capture the heart. Good logic game in a romantic design.

Love Tester Deluxe
Not really a game but a cute way to make sure you and your darling are the perfect match.
Name, zodiac and Chinese horoscope love tests.

Valentine Crush
Too much of hearts before the Valentine's Day? You have a chance to crush some of them. Remove the target hearts from the board by clicking on groups of two or more hearts of the same color.

Break the hearts before they reach the top of the play area. Interesting and cute.

FWG Valentines
Collect the roses for your loved one before the time runs out. Easy yet rather addictive.

Hearts Sudoku
Good old sudoku game but today with hearts. That's not very surprising, yeah? ;)

Happy Valentine's day everybody!


Olga said...

Helen, we gamed valentin's day games with my child, they all are nice :) simple idea but it's funny

koentz said...

Cute games, Helen..! Quite entertaining for a short break at the office.. thanks for sharing.. :)

http://simcardsms.blogspot.com said...

nice blog ,good work done

sherry said...

wow, they are beautiful. I have to say you're very creative!!

Online Casinos said...

my gosh! this is so cute!! so mushy and cute for a Valentines bonding moment. hahaha I like it!:)