Best Easter Flash games

Easter is approaching fast and my next holiday selection of flash games is ready for you. Just a few words before the games descriptions: I can never understand what fighting games, games with violence and blood, have to do with Easter. That's why I've selected kind and suitable-for-everyone games only. So, let's play!

Mister Easter

Run and bounce the Easter eggs and grenades into the nests. Don't miss any grenade! Much more interesting than usual catch games. Bouncing eggs reminded me break out games a little.


Easter Egg Hop

Use your mouse (without clicking!) to collect eggs and baby chicks, and butterflies to speed up. Avoid the hen. Nice game, rather addictive and even fun (especially when your bunny meets the hen :)). Become a real Easter Bunny!


Easter Eggs

The object of this game is to destroy the Easter eggs by forming lines of four eggs of the same color. If you can form lines of larger number of eggs or form combos, extra bonuses will be given. An ageless classic.


Eggy Easter

A fun platform game where you control a rabbit and fire weapons such as stars, flowers, and of course, a carrot. And coloring page at the very beginning in case you want to warm up before the game :)


Easter Bunny

In this fun and simple Easter game, guide the Easter bunny through various regions, collect all the colorful eggs and try to reach the end. The bunny is cute and the game is rather simple, so you can even offer your child to play it.


Easter Egg Catch

Move the bunny to catch the falling eggs. Hurry up, you should not only catch the eggs but also put them to the basket when you catch 5 eggs. Not as easy as it sounds!

Happy Easter to you and your family!


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Jenny said...

Like games like these. And like these stunning smiles in the end of games posts. Where did you get them?

Helen Grigor'eva said...

Thanks, Jenny! About smiles - a little tip for you to find any image location - right-click an image and select Copy Image Location in a pop-up menu. This will show you where the image was taken from :)

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