PdfMeNot - convert PDF to SWF online (and free)

PdfMeNot is a very helpful service to view PDF documents online using Adobe Flash Player. In other words, PdfMeNot converts PDF into SWF file (online and free!) and you can save this SWF for further use (Go to Tools > Page Info > Media > select and save .swf file).

PdfMeNot also offers:

1. Easy linking to existing PDF files. Simply add http://pdfmenot.com/view/
before the URL of PDF file (e.g. http://pdfmenot.com/view/http://example.com/example.pdf) to view .pdf as SWF movie and save it if needed.

2. Bookmarklet and Firefox add-on: they do the same - convert pdf links on a web page so that they can be viewed with PdfMeNot (i.e. automatically adds the link I mentioned above to all pdf links on the page). The difference is that installed Firefox addon do that automatically for every page you visit, while bookmarklet lets to convert links only when you need it. The converted links will be marked with a small icon.

3. Javascript for bloggers and webmasters for converting PDFs they link to.

4. PDF viewer which can be inserted into a webpage.

Go to pdfmenot.com for more details.

PdfMeNot is a great tool for viewing PDF files everywhere even without Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. Nevertheless, take note that it's PDF Viewer only, result SWF files don't have Print or Search options.


Matisse said...

Really good... i'm interested in viewing flash instead of pdf even more than in converting. many thanks for sharing

Gazafi Saif said...

thats very useful...and firefox addon is cool...

Andrew said...

I like bookmarklet more :) Addon is better for people who needs every pdf to be converted, but I need conversion from time to time and in this case bookmarklet is more handy.

hannah said...

THis site is indeed really cool. Its good that you came up with these ideas. PDF is really a useful stuff... great work...


bugz said...

No More Hassle, :) There is a easier way, i just developed a
Gadgets for this.
Just go to Add new Gadget and Search for "PDF", you'll see a
nice Gadget.Then you'll get more visitors because they can
convert your blog pages and more importantly their own documents
to pdf.

Anne-Katrin said...

today i gave the german looky-look.net - flapdf a try.
this seems to be pretty fast and flexible and for free.
i worry, it is not opensource, but though i use their swf now, which is cooler than my previous pdf viewer..
here's their demo for any pdf URL of your choice and a german tutorial on how to implement it easily (one line ^^ in source code) can be found at where it says flapdf at the 'service' page.

i tried with bigger pdfs and it still seems to run fast although the free-version comes without caching.

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Great post

osukka said...

I like pdfmenot and I bought a copy of it to help me convert pdf to flash virtual paper like here. works great, just that i need something with a little more functions. Any ideas?