Convert Flash to Screensaver for Free

How to create whatever Windows screensaver you want easily, quickly and even... free? Take any flash video, animation, slideshow or whatever flash (.swf) file and convert it into screensaver installator with the InstantStorm tool. Instant Storm is extremely easy to use. If you are a newbie, New Project Wizard will guide you through the steps of screensaver creation. Still, the program interface is so intuitive that the Wizard is not needed.
All you have to do to create flash screensaver is to select a source swf file, and adjust screensaver and installer options. What's great: while the installer is fully customizable, you can keep it default and still get great result. In any case, that's no need to be an advanced user to customize anything, because customizations is as easy as editing text.
The result .exe installer allows you not only to use the screensaver on your PC, but share it, install to multiple computers, offer for download from your website, etc.

Great features:

  • result screensavers haven't nag screens, ads, etc. as it's typical for most freebies
  • all text and images can be changed, that means you can simply translate installer to your language
  • installer icon customization
  • InstantStorms allows uploading additional files required by your flash movie
  • intuitive interface
  • screensaver preview and settings dialog preview (without compiling files)
  • the last but not the least - the program is absolutely free for both personal and commercial use.

Download InstantStorm


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