Video Tutorials for Flash newbies - 8 hours of free learning

Hi everyone, I'm back after being away for a long time and keep sharing my most interesting flash findings with you. Thanks for staying tuned!
I'm sure that you can find lots of links to free flash tutorials, but as you probably know most of them are not actually free or not very useful. Usual text tutorial consisting of "Step 1: do this and Step 2: do that" can be hardly understandable, especially to newbies. The page I want to share contains free downloadable video tutorials. They can give an idea of basic flash operations even to the person who's never seen Flash before. Welcome to Cartoon Smart. Here you will find tutorials for basic drawing and animation in Flash, ActionScript 2 and 3 preloading courses, publishing tricks and much more.

After watching 8 hours of free tutorials, you may like to purchase advanced pay tutorials. Even if not, you'll get valuable knowledge and learn lots of great tricks. Go and get free Flash tutorials right now. Happy learning! :)

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