Adobe VS Apple - on whose side are you?

Last weeks' discussion between Apple in the person of Steve Jobs and Adobe about why Flash is not and won't be supported by iPhone OS is widely commented in the Web and I don't want to retell others' comments. I just want to discuss this problem with you, my readers and subscribers.

Why it's important for me personally? You know me as a Flash lover for many years and about a year ago I've also became an iPhone owner. I like both Flash and iPhone. I'd really like to view my blog in iPhone with all those pretty flash stuffs I publish. As well as to visit lots of websites that use Flash interfaces and are a part of my everyday web surfing. So, it's nothing to hope for after the Steve Jobs's Thoughts on Flash?

I respect Adobe cofounders for their restrained yet convincing response Thoughts on open markets.

If you haven't read this yet, please do so now - I highly recommend you to read The truth about Flash. I believe all the arguments in this article to be true because they coincide with everything I knew about Flash before reading.

All my work and life experience convinced me that the only reason something can't be achieved is the lack of efforts and desire. So I think Flash could work on iPhones, iPads, iPods well... if only there were efforts and desire from Apple's side. As it's obvious now, there is neither desire nor efforts...

It's up to everyone whose side to be on, but I strongly believe that the freedom of choice is more important than even "reliability, security and performance".  And what do you think about it? Your opinion in comments is highly appreciated! 


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