Flash Slideshow Maker plus Watermarking Software

Are you looking for Flash slideshow creator? Check out Flarium's software bundle of Flash slideshow maker and watermark software: FlashSlider + Watermarking Bundle.
FlashSlider - creates flash slide shows for web publishing, adds music, preloader and playback controls to slideshows.
Watermarking - helps protect digital images by adding watermarks before sharing them on the Web.
This bundle is a real godsend for people who publish their digital photos to the Web (and who doesn't publish them nowadays? ;)).
Watermarks are necessary to protect your copyrights and avoid an illegal use of you digital pictures. That is what Watermarking does.

Flash slideshow is the best way to present your digital images on the Web because swf slideshow is nice looking and small enough to be published to the web. That is what FlashSlider offers.

Don't miss the chance to buy this great softwares at special bundle price this March only.


Ольга Клесман said...

Oh, i'll try this watermarking with my images for some web-projects. I think it can be useful for designers to protect their work. For example, Flash technology does not protect swf file from decoding so their images can be used by everyone and marking of pictures by their sign could solve that problem, imho

believer1984 said...

Thanks for sharing some useful info.

I still yet have to implement on some the flash approach.


Paulo H. Ferreira said...

A friend of mine needs to put together a slideshow for a uni project and now I'll be able to recommend him this software. Many thanks for that and congrats on the great blog!



Helen Grigor'eva said...

I'm glad you all like this bundle, I really believe it to be useful!

@Olga - Yes, you're absolutely right, photos gathered in flash slideshow are not completely protected from copying and illegal use. So Watermarking tool is exactly the right thing to solve this problem.

@Paulo - Thanks for your kind words! :)

http://businessvartha.blogspot.com said...

very useful site.thanks
can you give me a post in my blog realted to this??

Lori said...


I am wondering if the scripts used for the flash slow down the site and create difficulties for spiders to crawl. Any thoughts on this?


Mark said...

Thanks for the great info. I love the blog, keep up the great work!


Helen Grigor'eva said...

Thanks for asking!
Of course, flash may slow down site loading a little. Still, Flash is a very lightweight and web friendly format, so it loads much faster than, for example, video. So, I think you shouldn't be worry about this. And what about spiders crawling, please read my posts:
3 Ways to SEO Flash - about how to make Flash more search engine friendly; and Flash myths and Flash facts - this post contains answers for the questions you asked.
Hope, you'll like these posts :)

Anonymous said...

wow! this is a very cool site!!! i like to read your posts. everything is so interesting :)