Links of the month (March 2009)

The best Flash things I've found in March:

1. Flash Probe - "free online tool that can parse flash files and display text and images found within. The tool will create HTML versions of your flash websites. Some use it to see what part of their flash website will get indexed by search engines." Easy way to extract text and photos from SWF file.

2. Adobe's SEO Technology Center - ensure that search engines can crawl and index your rich Internet applications (RIAs) and take additional steps now to improve your search ranking positions further.

3. 123-banner - free tool for creating and publishing flash banners. There are lots of nice customizable templates. Banner contains little ad of website, but I think it's still great for free area. Premium area starts from €5.99.

4. Flash Tutorials - a comprehensive list of Flash Tutorials:

and Advanced Flash Tutorials:

5. FlashVortex - easy Flash animation for a website. Buttons, menus, banners, text animation. Nice and easy to use online tool.


Stephanie said...

Links are extremely helpful, tnks. Flash Probe is the tool that always can come in handy.

Helen Grigor'eva said...

I'm glad you liked the links. Yes, I like the Flash Probe too. It is a great tool to turn swf to html - this can be used for creating an alternative content by people who needs textual content of flash file to be surely indexed by search engines.

Hesham said...

Very useful links, thanks for the share!

Helen Grigor'eva said...

Thanks, Hesham!