Links of the month (May 2009)

Links and news I want to share with you this month:

1. Photo! Presentation Widget - "an online service allowing you to create beautiful 3D albums or flash-based slideshows with your photos or photos from the web. A tremendous feature is that created photo widgets are embeddable on websites, blogs, and social networks with just one mouse click. Currently, the service can extract photos from Flickr™ photo service and also allows adding any image by its URL or from your computer".

2. Flash Earth - not new, but still lovable website. Exactly as the name says, you can explore Earth inside a single Flash-based interface. Imagery is taken from multiple sources including NASA, Microsoft and more.

3. Autodesk Project Dragonfly - " experiment in real time with your ideas in 2D and 3D before making it real!". A free online floor planning tool for virtual home designing.

4. Free Flash Logos - various background images, font choices, and color choices to make your free flash logo.

5. Flash Tips and Techniques Tutorials - nice selection of Flash tutorials. "Learn how to work in 3D, drawing techniques, text effects, tips and tricks, ActionScript, and more! "

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

free flash logos are so interesting..
thanx for sharing

ilike2flash said...

Nice list, the Flash earth website is pretty interesting

Helen Grigorieva said...

Thanks for your kind comments, guys!