How to add Flash content to Blogger sidebar

There are several ways to add a Flash object to the sidebar of your Blogspot blog.

1. If you create your flash object yourself with any tool that provides both .swf file and html code of the object, use this way:

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript. Paste your code to the gadget editor field and specify the correct file location (.swf file must be uploaded to the Web – to any file storage you use, for example Google Sites). Save the gadget and you're done.

2. If you have only a flash file you want to embed and don't have its html code, you can use Widgetbox to create a flash widget for blogger. Go to, create an account, click Make a Widget button, select Flash and specify your file URL (swf file must be uploaded to the Web). After editing and publishing your widget, you'll be able to add it to Blogger automatically or copy its html code and paste it as I described in the first paragraph.

Also, you can try the following code. Replace the red text with your values (and remove 'SAMPLE' marks) and insert this code into HTML/Javascript Gadget as described above.

<'SAMPLE'object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase=",0,29,0"

width="your value" height="your value">

<'SAMPLE'param value="http://yourwebsite/your_flash_file.swf" name="movie"/>

<'SAMPLE'param value="high" name="quality"/>

<'SAMPLE'embed pluginspage="" quality="high" src=" http://yourwebsite/your_flash_file.swf "

width="your value" height="your value" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <'SAMPLE'/embed><'SAMPLE'/object>

That's it. You've embedded Flash content into Blogger sidebar.


Guest said...

This post helped me a lot, just wanted to thank you

Cheetah said...

Great share, tnks

Constance Zahn said...


how can I make the flash-banner 'linkable'?


Author: Helen Grigorieva said...

To Constance:

It's a good question, Constance :) The problem with flash objects is that usual 'a href' tag don't make them 'linkable'.

There is 'param' tag to assing links to the object, for example 'param name="link" value="http://yourlink">', but it seems not to work in Blogger.

The best solution is to create banner with a special software which automatically assigns link to .swf object (e.g. build a link directly into swf file).

Anonymous said...

i love it!

"Paste your code to the gadget editor field and specify the correct file location. Save the gadget and you're done."

Oh cool, now all I need to do is hire a mind reader to explain what "a code is" - perhaps someone can point to the "how to put a flash player on blogger sidebar for flippin idiots"

everywhere I look it's, Oh yeah, just copy this code over here, paste that code over there, edit your template over here, replace this code with that code, run around the backyard naked a few time, frickin simple! -

UHG nevermind - i suddenly feel better.....

Helen Grigorieva said...

To Anonymous

You see, where to get a code and how to add it to Blogger are a bit different questions :)
I recommend to use special software or online services to create flash objects and get their code at the same time.
Also, you can use Widgetbox as I recommended above.
Or, just learn html a little and look through sample codes (on the Web, or in my posts) to create your own.
It's not 'frickin simple', but it's also not too difficult :)
Good luck in writing codes :)

Chico Brisbane said...

I appreciate that, and apologize if I sounded rude. My nephew is away at camp and he works on my blog, pointing things from blogspot to to my Dominos where my www,webadress is stored. No my blogger comments are missing and, I think I'm just going to wait till he getsw back to tell me OMG yur so stupid, doint you know anything/

Justin said...

I just read your blog and found it to be totally helpful (and I'm not exactly knowledgeabe, that's for sure). Thanks for putting it up there, I really appreciate it.

Helen Grigorieva said...

Thanks for your kind words, Justin! I'm very glad that my posts helped you.

Justin said...

After adding my Flash content to my Blogger sidebar, it let me to a question. I have functional action code on the buttons of my .swf that "getURL" of another website but when I put the .swf on my blogger site, it doesn't function as if it's been blocked (no error, just doesn't open the new page). Is this due to Blogspot's security? I realize this is not a forum, but I thought you would probably have a simple answer.

Helen Grigorieva said...

Hi again Justin,

This is a common problem with Blogger. As I wrote to Constance (see above), param name='link', getURL etc. seems not to work in Blogger. I only managed to have working links from flash movies made with special online and desktop tools. Never managed to add links that work in blogger manually. And after a long surfing through the Web, I seem neither did anyone else. Yes, it's the issue with Blogger, but unfortunately I don't have a fixing solution for you. I wish I knew it myself :)

Justin said...

Hey Helen,

I found a solution that seems to work- if I code the button this way:
getURL(""," _blank");
I get a functioning button that will open another URL that has my images to look at. I've also read that it's possible to make the browser window fit to the image but I'm still working on that one. Thanks again for the help.

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