How to create Flash Flipping Book for free

Have you ever wanted to create online album or image gallery with page flip effect for your blog or website? Now you have a chance to create it for free with the tools I've found for you.

1. Free Flash Page Flip - "Free Version of Flash Page Flip has no advanced functions but it has some nice features like resizing and navigation. You can make and publish your own publications (Online Catalog, Digital Brochure, Flipping Book, Interactive Flyer, Virtual Magazine, Flip Album etc.) by writing JPEG or SWF formatted pages names on XML file in the Free Version. You don't have to know Flash software to make your flipping book".
Online Demo

2. PixelWit's Free PageFlip Flash - The original dynamic Flash ActionScript page flip effect code. Maybe one of the most popular Flash page flips codes. "Improved" version costs $12.50 only and offers lots of great options. Require Flash knowlege but gives a great result for free.

3. Flash Flipping Book - "Flash Flipping Book is a web tool for you to display your images / photos in the form of a book / catalogue / brochure. The page transition animation is like flipping pages of a book". Free version contains Flash-here logo.
Online Demo

4. Free PageFlip - "professional and realistic Adobe© Flash based flash book". There is a free basic version with source files included. Basic Flash knowledge and the software are required.


Anonymous said...

great reviews..first one looks better..basic but good

Author: Helen Grigorieva said...

Glad you liked this. I seem every flipping book is good in its own way, they are just different and suitable for different needs.

Bruneian Dollar said...

Thanks for the review. I've been looking for the best kinds of Free Flash Flipping Books. I suppose I'll have to settle with the first one. Though others can be considered if needed. Thanks for the review Helen. :)

Johnny said...

Great review! I'm not experienced with flash and html so it's hard for me to use. I used which was very easy to use. You just have to upload the PDF and all the work is done for you within minutes. However, it's not free but I really think it was worth the money.

hill b. nutt said...

I've been trying to embed a Flash Page Flip photo album onto my website, but can't find the instructions anywhere which explains how to load/embed it onto my website? Can you help???


Helen Grigorieva said...

Hi Hill,

creating flash photo album should mean getting .swf file and optionally a piece of html code.
How to embed this into your website depends on how you manage your content. If you create pages using WYSIWYG editor, find 'insert flash' button and simply upload your swf file. If you create pages in HTML editor, find appropriate piece of code (usually the program that generates flash file for you gives the embed code as well) and simply insert it into the needed place of your page. Nevertheless, you should upload your swf file to the server as well. If you tell me where are you trying to embed your code, maybe I'll be able to give you more detailed advice.

Siar said...

It's wonderful to have such flash flip book software to create flipping books for free.