The easiest ways to save Flash files from websites

There are many different ways and tools for saving Flash directly from a web browser. I picked up the easiest ones to share with you. Let geeks search caches for the needed files, we have much simpler ways:

How to Save Flash in Firefox

1. Download Sothink SWF Catcher for Firefox and open the file. This is .xpi file (Firefox extension) and Firefox will offer you to install the add-on. Add SWF Catcher button to the toolbar (right-click toolbar > Customize > Drag and drop needed button). Click the button and you'll see all available flash files in a sidebar. Right-click file name in the list for options.

2. Right-click any web page. Click View Page info, go to Media tab and find needed file in a media list (Flash files have Embed type). Select your file and click Save As.

How to Save Flash in Internet Explorer

1. Use Sothink SWF Catcher for IE. The difference between versions for Firefox and Internet Explorer is that IE version is an installator, not add-on. But the installation process is easy and quick. The same as for Firefox, you can use toolbar button or open SWF Catcher from right-click context menu. In IE you'll see a list of files in Save window, not in a sidebar.

2. Use Flash Saving Plugin for Internet Explorer. Download and install the plugin. It will add to your IE toolbar the button which displays the names of all Flash movies that are loaded on the current web page. Click a name and the corresponding Flash movie is saved to the folder specified.

P.S. Also, you can download Flashget download manager and use its own browser to look for swf files and save them.