Best Christmas Flash games

I have such a pre-Christmas mood today that I don't want to think about serious things. That's why I've decided to write about such not serious yet 'flashy' stuffs as online flash games. And according to the season, these will be Christmas flash games. So, here is a list of my favorite Christmas games. Enjoy playing!

Penguin Rush

Nice winter-styled racing game with good graphics. Race, dive, rush and win!

Santa Balls 3D

Matching game - swap Christmas balls by clicking them to form a row or column of three or more same-colored balls.

Arctic Antics

Christmas arcade-style game. To help animals to get to the pool is not so easy as it seems - the diving board is very slippery!

Snow Line

Amazing logic game. Draw the snow line so that Santa can collect all the presents and get to the finish.

Snowflake Designer

Eternal Christmas fun - making paper snowflakes. But who needs paper when we have Flash? ;)

Attack of the Sprouts

A little dumb yet funny game where you have to defend your Christmas dinner from the attacking sprouts. Train your reaction!

Thin Ice

Interesting game - smth. about sports, smth. about arcade. Your aim is to cut holes to trap monsters into the water. It's not as easy as it seems. Also, I like the old-fashioned design - great to remember the childhood :)

Santa's Apprentice

Rather addictive skill game where you help Santa bounce from house to house and deliver presents to the nice children which live in green houses.

Santa's Workshop

I like this game for its nice design and true Christmas spirit. Nevertheless, it's rather easy. So, if it's too easy for you, offer your kids to play it - they'll be pleased!

Frost Bite 2

Winter-styled platform game. Aim is to climb to the top of the mountain. So, if your winter holidays aren't the trip to the mountain resort, enjoy climbing at least in this game :)

Merry Christmas and happy playing!


Anonymous said...

You forgot "Winter Bells".

also, first.

Helen Grigor'eva said...

Reply @Anonymous
Didn't forget, just don't like games like Winter Bells, Polar Jump etc. :) I know many people like them, but I'm the exception to the rule. Nevertheless, thanks for the addition to my list :)

Ольга Клесман said...

I like winter balls and snowflake making, we fun with my daughter. Thank you Helen for cristmas afterglow :)