What was hot in IT world 2008

The last week of the year is the best time to resume everything that happened in the tech world during the year. So, let’s look at some statistics represented as flash charts to learn what was at the top this year.

Top websites 2008

What are the most popular places of the Web world? The most popular websites according to Alexa ranking and their daily reach (% of global internet users who visit the sites):

Top search engines 2008

Search is an integral part of the Web. Search engines are the integral parts of our life. What search engines were used the most this year?

Top web browsers 2008

Thing which opens the Web for us is a web-browser. Which is the most popular this year?

Top software 2008

Top software of this year is evidently various anti-virus programs. What else was in greatest demand this year?

Top PC games 2008

Of course, computer world can’t be imagined without games. Leaders of this year among the PC games are below:

That’s how computer world lived this year.

All flash charts are created and published with Animated Chart software.

Merry Christmas to all!