Flash MP3 Players features comparison

Today I want to offer you a research on flash mp3 players for publishing to website. Actually, I did this research for myself when I needed to make a flash audio player for website. But I decided to share the results with the readers of my blog.

So, I've tested four flash sound players
for website: Aleo FlashMP3 Player Builder, Fun SoundPlayer Maker, Flash WAmp, and SWiSH Jukebox. I've picked them up from the list of flash music players at download.com. I've examined the following parameters:

- available player skins,

- available formats of result player file,

- availability of "button" player configuration (ON\OFF only),

- possibility of voice recording,

- availability of using audio stream (e.g. online radio),

- skin customization (what parameters of flash player design can be customized),

- playback control (what options of tracks playback user can define).

That's the results of my mini-research in short. I don't want to determine a leader – everyone has its own needs and has to choose software that would meet them the best. As you know from my previous posts, my choice was Fun SoundPlayer Maker – this flash player creator is perfect for me. I hope my table will help you to choose your perfect flash mp3 player. Try them now and choose the best! :)


Hisham said...

very interesting information. good work!